Friday, August 2, 2019

Mt Hutt Camp

Mt Hutt Camp 

On Thursday we went skiing at Mt Hutt ski area. When we arrived at the ski area we went and fitted some ski boots to our feet, and then the skis. When they gave us the skis we went and had our lesson of how to ski before we actually started skiing we went into two lines, one line had the people that had not skied before and the other line had the people that had skied before. I had skied before, so I went in line with the people that had skied before.

When we started skiing we went up the magic carpet before sliding down the beginners' slope. The first time I was in front of the convoy.

We went down the beginners' slope a few times then. We did the slope that was a bit steeper. When we went down I lost control and crashed into the side of the mountain. I didn’t like it.

The camp was the best thing but I was glad to be back in my own bed and house.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Treemedous writing

Treemendous writing

My name is Caleb and I am fromKokatahi-Kowhitirangi. 

If I had 10,000 dollars I would use it to make a big platform in a tree, that the birds like to nest in the most. So that we will be able to see the birds and their eggs, we will also be able to learn about the birds and maybe if we are quiet enough we might even be able to watch the birds make their nests. The main reason I want this platform is that I really like birds and I want to learn more about them. The little kids will really like to be able to learn a lot as well. 

There will mostly be native birds in the tree. When the baby birds have grown up they can lay in the tree that they were born in and then we will be able to see her eggs hatch and grow up. 

I also would like to make a little bush walk out the back behind the pool, the reason is that then we can see the animals that live in the trees and bushes that are around. But that’s for another time.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

MX Writing

The KTM is trying to pass the Kawasaki and the Kawasaki rider is thinking oh no I never going to win if the ktm passes me, I want to be as fast as the ktm. The ktm ryder is thinking yes yes I am going to win for the first time ever. The Husqvarna ryder is thinking, man I really need to get to the front so that I can win again like I did the last few races, them I will be able to will be able to win my 106th trophy. The MR rider is like wow the Hasky is faster than me this year. All of the bikes are headed for a big patch of mud. When they get through the mud the will be at a deep creek and some of the bikes might get flooded and the riders would be really sad. But the ryders that make it through safely will be really happy to be able to finish the race with no trouble at all.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019



Step 1 I tied the shirt 

Step 2 Then I dyed it with the dye

Step 3 Then I let it dry out

Step 4 Then rinsed then washed 

Step 5 Hang it up to dry

Step 6 Is to put it on

Friday, February 1, 2019

My Fun Trip to Golden Bay

MY Fun Trip To Golden Bay On Wednesday morning I woke up at 6.30 and I got dressed, had my toast for breakfast then I did my teeth, after all that I went and packed my bag and got ready for a 6 hour drive to Golden Bay. When we arrived to the campground we went and erected the tents up and built the stretchers and put the warm sleeping bags on them. When everything was put up and ready for staying in we had something to eat, because we were really hungry after that long drive. After we had something to eat we all went down to the beach and spent about half an hour or so exploring the lovely, wet sandy beach, it was really cool. My favourite thing that I found was the BIG BIG crab, it was scary when I picked the crab up. I didn’t like it when the crab pinched me. OUCH!!! When we were walking along the beach we saw truckloads of alive and dead starfish. I liked the alive ones the best, Mum said that I could pick one up, There is a special way to pick them up, if you don’t pick them up this way then you will most likely kill them. The way you have to pick them up with out killing them is to scoop them up with sand so that they are still sitting on the sand. When we were done at the beach we went to the tent and cooked our dinner. After tea we did our teeth then went to bed. In the morning I was the last one to wake up because I had a long sleep in, when I got up I got my breakfast then went and did the dishes then did my teeth. After I brushed my shiny teeth, I played on the playground with my cousins, we went on the seesaw, the swings and we went down to the little creek. Sadly we saw a sign that said “hey kids please don’t swim in here because it could be polluted”. I thought that is was really sad that we couldn’t swim in the creek because I was looking forward to swim in there. Then we got ready for bed, we did the usual, brushed our teeth, put our cossy Pj’s on and then we hopped into our snuggly sleeping bags. In the morning I got my breakfast then went and did the dishes then did my teeth. Later that day I went kayaking in the ocean, I was a bit scared of the big waves, well I mean I was scared of tipping out of the kayak when I hit a wave. I don't like swimming in the ocean because I don’t want to get pinched by the craps. It hurts. Dad woke me up at 5.oo to go fishing. It took me a long time but just before we left to go pack up ready to leave, I caught the biggest snapper that anyone caught in my family. My dad or my uncle caught a big as king fish, sadly it bit through the line when they got it up to the boat. I wish I was there to help them get the king fish in the boat. I thought it was really fun and that we should come back next year. I felt so proud of my self for catching the biggest snapper out of every one in my family. I hope that we go back next year.

Friday, January 25, 2019

SLJ W4 D5 A3 Concluding the Journey.

One thing that I learned this year was that green house gases trap heat from the sun in Earths atmosphere, making global temperatures rise.

One Thing that surprised me was the ancient city of Machu Picchu, Why is it in the mountains far away from everyone ? Who built it and what happened to the people?

One thing that concerned or upset me was learning that the New Zealand falcon was near endangered.

One thing that my family can do to help protect the environment is to only use things that can be reused and recycled and refuse plastics.

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SLJ W4 D5 A2 Species Adopt

The three Species I would like to adopt is : -Red-tailed Hawk
                                                                    -Snow Leopard
                                                                    -Sea Turtle Hatchling

My three species are all different, One in the sky, one on land and one in the Ocean.
One can Fly, one can Run and one Can swim.
One with Feathers, one with fur and one with a shell.

They all need Help.

The Species I would adopt first is the Red-tailed Hawk, Because I love birds of pray.

I think it is a good  idea for people to be able to adopt a species. It would be cool if all schools could adopt a Species.

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