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Power Comes Back On

For reading I made a slide that was about having no power for 48 days and then it suddenly appears out of nowhere.

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Alphabet Hike

Alphabet Hike
A Apple tree                                            The apple tree has lots of juicy apples.
B Bench                                                  People sit on the benches.
C Cort                                                   We play games on the cort.
D Deck                                                   We eat lunch on the deck.
E Enviroschools
F Field                                                     The field has got lots healthy green grass
G Grass                                                    grass is green
H Hats                                                     hat stop you from getting burnt
I Insect                                                     insects eat grass
J  Jam                                                     jam goes on your toast
K Kale                                                     The kale in the school is yum
L Long jump                                              is were you jump and see how far you can jump
M Mat                                                   At school we sit on the mat
N Noughts and Crosses                                   is a game in the playground at School
O Orange flag                                         is in the playground
P Pole                                                 at school i swing down the pole
Q Quiz                                                 sometimes we have a quiz at school
R Rubbish                                              at school we put our rubbish in the Bin
S Sand                                                in the sandpit there is lots of deep Sand
T Tree                                                at school there a lots of tall trees
U Umbrella                                       on rainy days there are umbrellas in the School
V Violent                                            People play bull rush at school
W Wind                                             AT school there is lots of wind
X Xylophone                                      you play music on the xylophone
Y Yellow flag                                     On the playground there is a yellow flag
Z Zucchini                                        In the greenhouse there a zucchini. `

Thursday, April 5, 2018

C:\Users\Lisa Te Kira\Desktop\Placement photo\IMG_0957.JPG Image result for pounamu
Activity One:

What did you see? I saw lots of peolpe singing waiata to welcom us into the marae.__________________________________________________________
What did you hear? i heard people welcoming everone in. __________________________________________________________
How did you feel? I felt very welcom and safe I also felt happy,scared and exited.____________________________________________________________
What did you expect? i expected the sculptures and carvings to be alot smaller.________________________________________________________
What surprised you? the tukutuku panales suprised me so much.__________________________________________________________
What took you out of your comfort zone? doing the hongi took me out of my comterf zone._________________________________________
What did you learn? i leared that the each of the carvings had their own story to it.__________________________________________________________
List the order of events as best as you can about the pōwhiri and what you saw people doing. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Activity Two:
Below are some photos of Tuhuru.  Listen to the tangata whenua talk about features that are significant to them.  Label the relevant pictures with information you have learnt.
what do these gates mean?Image result for tuhuru marae
these gates are were everyone meets and when the people see you they will welcome you in.

what can you remember about the carvings ?  i can remember that each carving has its own story to it. Image result for tuhuru marae

Related image

What can you tell me about this whare?Think of what you saw,felt and heard.I heard lots of people singing their lovely karakias.I saw lots of yummy pies,cake,sausage rolls,oranges and finally the delicious apples.

Every marae has protocols and rules that you must follow while you are there.  Listen to the tangata whenua and write down the rules that you are to follow while you are at Tuhuru.  Present it as a poster on this page:
(Me pēhea)
You must alway show respect by sitting down listening to the person who is talking.


Never run in the whare,never take food in the whare the food stays in the wharekai.Never wear shoes in the whare and the wharekai the wharenui.


Final Activity:

Write a reflection on your day spent at Tuhuru Marae.  What have you learnt? What did you enjoy the most? What was a challenge?  Do you feel that you know a little more about Te Ao Maori? What are you most proud of doing today?  Is there anything that you now want to learn more about?

I learned that the all the  sculptures have a story to them.The thing I enjoyed the most was eating the delicious food and drinking the fresh water, the second thing that I enjoyed the most was doing the hongi.Something that was a challenge was understanding the different words and doing a hongi for the first time in my life!!I feel like I learned a lot more about Te Ao Maori.I am really proud of doing the hongi and talking the people at the marae.I want to learm more about the maori laungage.