Sunday, January 19, 2020

SLJ W4 D5 A2 Quotes

To me this quote means to just be your self and don't try and be the same as every one else. Everybody is different and that is good. So I like to Just be myself.


  1. Hi Caleb,

    Thanks for sharing your quote with us. I absolutely agree! It is our differences that make us interesting.

    I know I struggle to be myself sometimes. I remember one time when I was in School, I fell into a bad ground friends who weren’t very nice to me. Instead of being myself, I tried to be like them, but then I didn’t like the person I became. It took me a while to realise I wasn’t happy, and that I needed to make some new friends who accepted me for who I was.

    Have you ever found it hard to be yourself?

    I think it is quite natural to copy others, because we want to fit in. But when others accept you for who you truly are, that is the best.

    Well done on another blog post Caleb, and thanks for reminding me to be myself! :)


    1. Hi Beren

      I don't really find it hard to be myself, I just want my class mates to like me for me, and if they don't, at least have respect and leave me alone.

      Take care


  2. Hi Caleb
    Wow I get what you mean about the quote "Just be yourself and don't try and be the same as everyone else. Everybody is different and that is good. Good choice good job in participating in the summer learning journey.
    Keep it up


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